A je to!, an adventures app with the two most famous neighbors from Television. 

Trademarc Licensing Buurman BuurmanPat & Mat  celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2016. For years they are one of the most popular television shows broadcasted by the VPRO for kids (and their parrents!). Fantazm is proud to introduce, with an official license, the first Dutch app for iOS en Android of this popular duo. Pat & Mat A je to!” is a happy action filled, puzzle and discovery app for all fans of Pat & Mat.

Pat & Mat, they like a game. That is why they made a game room in their house. And in that room they have games where they play the lead role. That’s fun! On a regular base, new games will be added because Pat & Mat will not sit still and wait and see. “Pat & Mat A je to!” guarantees endless game fun!

Help Pat & Mat fly in their flying bathtub to the bathroom in “Air adventure”! But be aware of the dangers that are lurking like the fans that are going crazy and toasters!
Or help Pat & Mat tidy their boxes in “Stapel Gek” a real retro pixel game where you have to create the highest possible tower.

And if you want to do something else then a game you can always take a look at one of the latest episodes. The episodes are alternated on a regular base, so keep a close look at the app to seen whether there are new episodes.

The app contains colorful illustrations and funny animation. The app can be used without internet and trains hand-eye coordination wich contributes to the cognitive development.

The makers: Fantazm in Den Bosch

Fantast believes that playing is the way to create interaction, enrich and improve. Playing excites, stimulates your imagination en enthousiasme. By playing you discover, every day again. Fantazm develops unique games, or better, unique discovery. This is how they open new worlds and discover new ways to achieve your goal. Adventure Awaits!

For questions about the game please contact us:
E-mail: info@fantazm.com | Facebook: facebook.com\fantazmgames
web: www.fantazm.com