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Download Birthday Pat & Mat

  Download op deze pagina alle feestelijke versieringen om van jouw verjaardag een echte Buurman en Buurman verjaardag te maken.  Aftelkalender tot je verjaardag [gview file=""...

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Happy Birthday Pack

You arrived at Pat & Mat's birthdaypage!   As you may know we have celebrated in 2016 our 40th Anniversary. Isn't it great to live 40 years next to eachother and be best friends! We have created great decorations and surely you can use them too for your own...

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Create your shoebox viewer

Create your shoebox viewer

Create your own Pat & Mat shoebox theatre! Create your own shoe box theatre, 100% made and colored by yourself. Or maybe you like to give it away as a present to someone close to you? You can download the pictures and instruction by clicking the red button. [gview...

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Birthday page

Make your own fun birthday decoration products. Cupcakes, flags and lot’s more. A guaranteed success on every party!

Handycraft page

Create your own shoe box viewer, print a coloring sheet with your name and lot’s more…..


Great fun with great games and challenges. Off course free download! Ajeto.