New UPDATE Game app Pat & Mat

Next to the existing free games you will now also find additional NEW games and challenges in the update Pat & Mat's game app. ZIGZAG and VERF FIASCO are added! In ZIGZAG Pat & Mat try to collect as many as possible bolts and nuts while driving their car. Of...

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Pat & Mat in their own official app!

A je to!, an adventures app with the two most famous neighbors from Television.  Pat & Mat  celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2016. For years they are one of the most popular television shows broadcasted by the VPRO for kids (and their parrents!). Fantazm is...

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Shadow Game

Play the shadow game ! Do you see the shadow of Pat & Mat and the various objects? Draw a line from the colored image towards the shadow Did you find them all? Congratulations & Ajeto! You can play the shadow game through the download/print knop on the right...

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Look for the differences

Look for the differences in the bottom picture. 5 things are different compared to the picture above. We will supply you with a hint: Either there is something missing or something added. Or it might have a different color.....go and look for it! Can't you see it or...

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Birthday page

Make your own fun birthday decoration products. Cupcakes, flags and lot’s more. A guaranteed success on every party!

Handycraft page

Create your own shoe box viewer, print a coloring sheet with your name and lot’s more…..


Great fun with great games and challenges. Off course free download! Ajeto.