Look for the differences

verschillen buurman en buurmanin the bottom picture. 5 things are different compared to the picture above. We will supply you with a hint: Either there is something missing or something added. Or it might have a different color…..go and look for it! Can’t you see it or not everything? Push the red button and find the solution.

The solutions!

What is different in the picture below?

  1. The blue sign with the letter P is gone
  2. There is a hamer to be seen in the window
  3. The shadow of the tree is different
  4. There is a green stripe in the left chair
  5. There’s a bucket added

Do you want to vieuw it a little bit bigger, download the pictures by using the bottom below!

Downloaden (PDF, Onbekend)

Birthday page

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Handycraft page

Create your own shoe box viewer, print a coloring sheet with your name and lot’s more…..


Great fun with great games and challenges. Off course free download! Ajeto.